Why Flash Xpò:


Building Residential:

Nowadays, buildings speak of topics that one can easily understand, that is – of themselves. They may talk about availability, reception, nostalgia for the past or preparing for the future. An architect ought to occupy himself with designing buildings that convey particular ideas. Because living in a building and accepting the values it transmits allows us to confront the things in the appropriate way, by connecting to the appropriate persons and ideas. And this summarises the future of the residential sector. It’s a segment of architecture that is enjoying an increasing attention and specialisation on the part of the architectural firms. You have to know how to exploit every potential and put to use or profit any part of a residential structure, to make it almost an oasis in itself. A place where the buyer does not need to go elsewhere to look for something more or for a solution more congenial to him. This is the task of the designer.

” Flash Xpò is an alternative to traditional trade events. This is an event which aims to deal with a professional audience, as increasingly demanding and dynamic as it is”

ID-100157292Why attend Flash Xpò:

For an event like Flash Xpò, London is a venue like no other.

The beauty of the city leaves any architect and designer breathless, bringing to mind the real possibilities of architecture, whose goal is to fill empty spaces with solid geometric shapes. Flash Xpò is the first trade fair that takes place outside of the traditional hours, thus letting you not waste the valuable business hours on your agenda. The event is open from 05.30 PM until 10.00 PM.